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Dentist in North Port Gives 4 Oral Health Tips for the Summer

May 4, 2019

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couple hugging on beach

Summer is finally here. Whether you prefer swimming at the beach or reading in the shade in your backyard, summer is a time of relaxation and leisure. Unfortunately, sometimes we let our oral hygiene fall by the wayside, especially during vacation. Make sure to follow these 4 oral health tips from a dentist in North Port to keep your smile beautiful this summer!


When Were You Last Screened for Oral Cancer in North Port?

April 7, 2019

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Woman smiling Did you know that oral cancer kills almost one person every hour of every day of the year? This problem continues to grow in number of cases, which is why April has been made Oral Cancer Awareness Month. This is an effort to raise awareness on the importance of receiving routine oral cancer screenings from your dentist. As part of your regular dental checkup, you’ll get the confidence that you are healthy and cancer-free. Keep reading to learn more about oral cancer in North Port and how it’s detected.


Find Out How to Prevent Cavities from Forming by a Dentist in North Port

March 3, 2019

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a woman with a cavityWhen visiting your dentist in North Port, the last thing you want to hear is that you have a cavity. You work so hard to keep your mouth clean and healthy, and yet, here you are, preparing to have a filling to treat this pesky problem. Cavities are not always brought on by poor oral habits. It may simply be your genes that make you more prone to them. Either way, we’re sure you don’t want to experience another one in your future, so here are a few ways to prevent cavities from forming in the first place.


Your Dentist in North Port Discusses The Effects of Cutting Flossing From Your Routine

February 10, 2019

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person flossingIt’s easy to get in a rush and skip little tasks in your daily routine. Some, like flossing, can have detrimental effects on your oral health when regularly skipped. Flossing efficiently and effectively helps reduce plaque buildup and food particles that feed harmful bacteria in your mouth. When this bacteria spreads and grows, it can lead to problems such as gum disease, loose or shifting teeth, cavities and infections. Your dentist in North Port wants to keep your smile healthy and happy by giving you the tools you need to minimize bacteria and plaque buildup. (more…)

3 Benefits of Having a Walk-In Dentist in North Port

January 15, 2019

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Woman smiling in dentist’s chairImagine this: you bite into a hard kernel of popcorn, and crack—your tooth just fractured. You need to see your dentist right away, but it’s a Saturday! What do you do? How can you get the expert dental care that you need? Thankfully, your walk-in dentist in North Port welcomes same-day appointments, urgent care, and best of all, evening and Saturday appointments! Keep reading to learn the unique benefits of having a walk-in dentist.


Want To Prevent Teeth and Gum Problems? Advice From a Dentist in North Port

December 21, 2018

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Female patient smiling in the dental chair When it comes to healthcare recommendations, it seems like there are always new guidelines coming out that contradict the old ones. For example, not that long ago eggs and butter were unhealthy, but now they’re considered just fine. Even the food pyramid used to tell us to eat 6-11 servings of bread each day, but now it’s only 3-5. It’s easy to feel frustrated or overwhelmed by all this “back-and-forth” advice, but there’s one set of guidelines that hasn’t changed: how to maintain your oral health. If you want to a tried-and-true way to keep your teeth and gums healthy and minimize the amount of dental work you need from a dentist in North Port, keep reading below!


What You Should Know about Dental Crowns in Northport

December 19, 2018

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typical dental crown

Dental crowns in Northport are an effective solution for many cases of decayed or damaged teeth. Like any form of dental therapy, however, dental crowns can occasionally fail or become damaged. When this happens, it’s important to save the damaged or disconnected portion of the crown if possible. Your emergency dentist in North Port will either try to repair the crown or replace it altogether.


5 Reasons For Sensitive Teeth and How a Dentist in North Port Can Help

December 2, 2018

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A woman touches her mouth in painIf your teeth are sensitive, you probably spend a lot more time thinking about them than you’d like to. Every bite of food or sip of ice water can make you cringe, which, considering that you eat several times a day, is a tough way to go through life! The fundamental reason sensitivity occurs is that the enamel becomes thin and no longer protects the deeper layers of the tooth where nerve resides. Keep reading to learn about 5 of the most common reasons this happens and how a dentist in North Port can help.


A Dentist in North Port Explains Why You Should Use Mouthwash

October 3, 2018

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MouthwashDo you think you have a good oral healthcare routine? Hopefully, you’re already brushing and flossing daily, but did you know there’s an extra step you can take for even better oral health? Your teeth make up less than half of your mouth, so how can you clean the rest of it? Learn why you should add mouthwash to your brushing and flossing routine from your dentist in North Port.


Your Dentist in North Port Says Erase the Gaps with Porcelain Veneers!

September 10, 2018

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woman smiling with beautiful teethWhen you look in the mirror and see an unflattering space between your teeth, you wonder what can be done to fix the problem. Will you have to wear braces and endure a lengthy treatment process to correct your smile blemish? Your dentist in North Port says there is a much more convenient way to get the smile of your dreams – porcelain veneers. Read on to learn about this amazing form of cosmetic dentistry and how it can close the gaps!


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