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Preventive Dentistry for North Port Smiles

Why Choose Shore Dental

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Maintaining excellent oral health is a lifelong responsibility, and one that requires both diligent oral hygiene at home and regular appointments with a trusted dentist. At Shore Dental, our team offers several services that are based around preventing dental problems at their earliest stages possible and helping smiles stay reliably strong for many years to come. We’re happy to see whole families and welcome in walk-ins during office hours! Please contact us today here in North Port, FL to get started.

Checkups & Cleanings

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Are you and your family attending professional dental checkups and cleanings every six months? What many people don’t realize is that oral health problems can develop subtly over time, and untrained eyes might not recognize the danger until these problems start to cause significant oral damage and pain. During regular appointments, our doctors will thoroughly review your teeth, your gum tissue, your resting bite, existing restorations, and other areas in order to fully identify any concerns at their earliest stages possible. This way, we can save you valuable time and cost while preserving your best smile.

Additionally, in-depth cleanings do a good job of getting rid of plaque and tartar on a routine basis. These harmful substances will cause tooth decay and periodontal disease if they’re left in place too long, which is why our hygienist leaves no tooth un-turned. The result? Your smile will be safer, healthier, and nicely polished.

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Dental Sealants

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The teeth in the back of the mouth (the premolars and molars) can be difficult to reach properly with the toothbrush and floss, especially for small arms. That’s why we offer dental sealants as a helpful protective measure that strengthens growing smiles and reduces your child’s risk of cavities. The sealant itself is made of a tough plastic-based substance, and our team will paint it directly onto the tooth’s chewing surface. Once it’s hardened in place, food particles and infectious bacteria will be successfully blocked out.

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Oral Cancer Screenings

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Tens of thousands of people are diagnosed with oral cancer every year. Early diagnosis is absolutely critical, and your dentists can lend a big helping hand here in North Port. During checkups, our team will always incorporate an oral cancer screening by thoroughly reviewing your oral tissue. If we discover any lumps, discolored patches, or suspicious sores that could be cancerous, we’ll help you arrange additional tests.

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Fluoride Treatment

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Families are regularly exposed to fluoride without even realizing it – it appears in several food items, countless oral hygiene products, and probably even your tap water. This mineral’s positive effects regarding oral health are well-documented, and the Shore Dental team may recommend professional applications for children and even adults during regular appointments. The goal is to help patients enjoy stronger enamel and a lowered risk of cavities.

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